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Will Ms Jane Garvey, Former Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Explain Herself To The American People on Her Statements to the 9/11 Commission?

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Here are the two statements by Ms Jane Garvey, who was the FAA’s Administrator during the years preceding and succeeding 9/11.

The first one is dated 22nd May 2003:…/hearing2/witness_garvey.htm

The second one is dated 27th January 2004:…/hearing7/witness_garvey.htm

You may want to READ these carefully after you read this POST! Thanks!

It is VERY clear from these statements that Ms Jane Garvey, FAA’s Administrator (prior to, during and after 9/11), DID NOT share information (in her statements) on FAA’s National Airspace System and its on-going design and implementation by NAS Information Architecture Committee (NIAC) comprising of several stakeholders (including Defence and Private contractors) who could have had complete access to the NAS in its ENTIRETY on 9/11, thereby compromising the security and sanctity of the NAS itself (hugely) on 9/11! This needs to be noted!

A search for the words NAS, National Airspace Design, Interoperability, NIAC, NAS Information Architecture Committee and so on in the two statements provided by Ms Jane Garvey reveals that these words are not found!!!

So, the question is whether at all Ms Jane Garvey did talk about the on-going design and implementation of the NAS by NIAC to the 9/11 commission as the process of on-going design (and going implementation) of FAA’s NAS which took place under the aegis of the NAS information Architecture Committee (NIAC) is something that has very serious implications for FAA’s role as an aviation administrator on 9/11.

Please recall that the 9/11 commission in its report on page 16 stated that:
“FAA HEADQUARTERS IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE NATIONAL AIRSPACE SYSTEM. The Operations Center located at FAA headquarters receives notifications of incidents, including accidents and hijackings. “ (Page 16, THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT).

And, an often mentioned argument is that the lack of proper and timely communication between FAA and NORAD was responsible for much of what happened on 9/11. If communication was sub-optimal and has been blamed for much of the systemic failure to protect air space, air assets (including life) and ground space and assets (including life), then it is only fair to look at systems related to communication to fix responsibility and accountability for the 9/11 failure!

Ok folks, what are these systems? Obviously, we are talking of information systems across the FAA that fall under the purview of the National Airspace System (NAS). THE NAS MAY BE VIEWED AS AN INFORMATION SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS THAT COLLECTIVELY SUPPORTS ALL AIR OPERATIONS IN THE US AND CERTAIN OCEANIC AREAS. Viewed in this light, the NAS can be divided conceptually into three parts:
1. Sources of information necessary to perform air operations.
2. Users, who use the information to perform air operations and who, in the course of performing them, produce additional information.
3. Access and management of the information between sources and users.

Billions of US taxpayers $ was invested in the design and implementation of FAA’s NAS (which took place under the aegis of the NIAC) that failed so miserably in protecting airspace, life & assets on 9/11.

Yet, is it NOT strange that neither the 9/11 commission analysed and discussed the NAS and especially issues related to its on-going design and implementation by NIAC (which had DEFENCE and PRIVATE contractors in its midst) nor did Ms Jane Garvey, in her two statements, report on these issues related to the NAS and especially, its on-going design and implementation by NIAC (which had DEFENCE and PRIVATE contractors in its midst).

The presence of Defence and PRIVATE contractors is very serious because those designing and implementing the NAS could have had (and maybe did have) complete access to the NAS on 9/11, which has huge implications for the safety and security of the NAS.

Therefore, it is only logical to argue that Ms Jane Garvey, SHOULD have informed the 9/11 commission on this huge design and implementation exercise with regard NAS that was on-going prior to and during 9/11 at the FAA. Likewise, it is the paramount duty of the 9/11 commission to have thoroughly investigated issues related to the huge design and implementation exercise with regard to FAA’s NAS that was on-going prior to and during 9/11.

I am completely STUNNED as to why neither Ms Jane Garvey nor the 9/11 commission focussed on the huge design and implementation exercise with regard to FAA’s NAS that was on-going prior to and during 9/11. They both owe the American people a proper TRANSPARENT answer! And indeed this is a serious LAPSE in the investigation of 9/11 as a (horrific) crime!

Folks, stay tuned and I have more information coming out in subsequent posts where the saga of the design and implementation exercise with regard to FAA’s NAS that was on-going prior to and during 9/11 will UNFOLD...and it is HUGE indeed...

PLUS a lot, lot more...that has not been written about so far...about the 9/11 crime...

And of course, I put forward NO CONSPIRACY THEOREIS but rather PROVIDE hard, hard EVIDENCE IS on how and why the 9/11 Commission TOTALLY failed the American People by not investigating 9/11, the CRIME, in a proper and thorough manner...

Have a nice day/evening!

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