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Where the 9/11 Commission Failed? An Example!

Where the 9/11 Commission Failed? An Example!

Dear Friends,

MANY Thanks for your SUPPORT AND comments. I have already gone through all major material on 9/11 including the links given in the comments on the other posts...
However, my objective in writing the book is very, VERY clear –

a) To Show that the 9/11 (KEAN) commission did an extremely poor job of investigating 9/11 as a crime and ALSO that the KEAN COMMISSION report was a biased, partisan, subjective report that neither investigated 9/11 as a crime nor even considered each and every piece of objective AND TANGIBLE evidence available to investigate the crime;

b) To demonstrate the serious SHORTCOMINGS in the 9/11 COMMISSION official report and provide TANGIBLE evidence on why it is such a poor report based on a biased, subjective and incomplete/incompetent investigation;

c) To bring in facets of the 9/11 crime that are HITHERTO unexplored and this is done with SOLID IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that will help further criminal investigation;

d) To help the 9/11 families fighting the court case with available IRREFUTABLE TANGIBLE and OBJECTIVE evidence; and

e) To Present a STRONG CASE for an INDEPENDENT AND OBJECTIVE CRIME LIKE (re) investigation that could be carried out by a new independent body, with no vested interest what-so-ever.

Hence, NO CONSPIRACY THEORY IS PUT FORWARD in the book! I would like to make it very clear!

Friends, 9/11 was a horrific crime and even 14 years later we are not aware of the systemic failures that caused it. Let me give you an example and many more such aspects are explored MICROSCOPICALLY in the book!

On 9/11, one important stakeholder who thoroughly failed is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA summarily failed to not only protect its airspace in the first place but also failed to take immediate effective remedial action to protect its key (air) assets that were turned into deadly weapons.

Communication emanating from FAA was ineffective to various stakeholders including NORAD and others, who in their own manner also failed in providing an effective collective response to the hijacking and the protection of airspace/air assets (that ultimately were used as deadly weapons) as well as protection of life/assets on the ground.

That FAA and NORAD failed miserably in their response on 9/11 has been widely acknowledged. But merely stating that is simply not enough – just indicting the FAA and/or NORAD is NOT sufficient. We need to get to the bottom of the pit and ascertain how and why things panned out in the way they did and it is here that the 9/11 commission has missed the bus...completely...

As noted above, an often mentioned argument is that the lack of proper and timely communication between FAA and NORAD was responsible for much of what happened on 9/11. If communication was sub-optimal and has been blamed for much of the systemic failure to protect air space, air assets (including life) and ground space and assets (including life), then it is only fair to look at systems related to communication to fix responsibility and accountability for the 9/11 failure!

Ok folks, what are these systems? Obviously, we are talking of information systems across the FAA that fall under the National Airspace System (NAS). The NAS may be viewed as an information system of systems that collectively supports all air operations in the US and certain oceanic areas. Viewed in this light, the NAS can be divided conceptually into three parts:
1. Sources of information necessary to perform air operations.
2. Users, who use the information to perform air operations and who, in the course of performing them, produce additional information.
3. Access and management of the information between sources and users.

Billions of US taxpayers $ was invested in the design of FAA’s NAS that failed so miserably in protecting airspace, life & assets on 9/11. Yet, you will be shocked to know that the NAS is mentioned just once and that too very fleetingly in the 9/11 commission’s final report.

While it acknowledged that the NAS failed, the question arises as to who designed the NAS? It is about time that we FIND THE STAKEHOLDERS WHO DESIGNED & IMPLEMENTED THE NAS & INVESTIGATE THEIR ANTECEDENTS INCLUDING SECURITY CLEARANCES AND THEIR ACCESS TO FAA’s NAS ON 9/11 AND WHAT EXACTLY THEY WERE DOING ON 9/11? That is a starter’s imperative for any criminal investigation of the 9/11 event.

Several other questions arise here:
1. Who developed the blueprint for the design of FAA's National Airspace System (NAS)?
2. Which individual led the design of FAA's National Airspace System (NAS)?
3. Who set up FAA's NAS Information Architecture Committee (NIAC) and mandated it with the task of designing FAA's NAS?
4. How was membership in FAA's NIAC decided in terms of criteria? Who set these criteria? On what basis? What about the security clearances? Who did the due diligence and who issued them?
5. Was there an antecedent check on the participants of the NIAC? Who did it and was a copy of security clearance with antecedent check provided to the FAA?
6. What was FAA's role in all of this?
7. What about JANE GARVEY, the administrator of the FAA? What role did she play in setting up the NIAC?
Did the NIAC steering committee meet on a weekly basis in 1997 98 as the NAS design was underway?
8. Who were the coordinators of the NAIC?
9. What were their roles?
10. Which private and defence contractors were part of the NIAC?
11. How many working groups were part of the NIAC?
12. What was their mandate and what were they working on?
13. Were any technical papers published as part of the NIAC working groups?
14. What the objective of free flight path as set by the FAA's NAS?
15. What were the members of NIAC and designers of NAS doing on 9/11? Did they have access to FAA’s NAS in its entirety?
Plus many more questions!

You would all be shocked to know that the 9/11 commission did not investigate issues related to FAA's NAS, NIAC, Enterprise Architecture and Data Interoperability at all. Why? Was there a conflict of interest as my other post asks? (

It is really sad because FAA's NAS is the first system that should have been subject to a thorough (criminal) investigation as were the issues related to NIAC, Enterprise Architecture and Data Interoperability and the like

Folks, the book, 9/11: The Unanswered Questions lays it bare, clean and straight and the evidence is so hard hitting that I don’t need a CONSPIRACY THEORY as a backbone. Neither the 9/11 commissioners themselves nor their famed executive director/other staff will be able to defend their product as my book drives a crater like hole in their official report!

Thanks and I look forward to your support and America needs to know the truth and what happened to many things including FAA’s NAS, NIAC, Enterprise Architecture and Data Interoperability etc

The World needs to know as well...

Stay Tuned for more updates my friends...

Kind Regards

Ramesh S Arunachalam


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