Sunday, February 21, 2016


Was the 9/11 commission aware of the following happenings at FAA, in the years before 9/11?

a) FAA's National Airspace System (NAS) Architecture was developed to provide a high level overview of the behavioral characteristics that would be intrinsic to the FAA's NAS.
The FAA NAS Architecture thus described significant changes that were to be made in and outside the FAA to meet the needs of airspace users, and to increase efficiency and effectiveness, while accommodating global growth of airspace.

b) A critical characteristic of the FAA NAS was INTEROPERABILITY - the capability to exchange data and information between and among applications and platforms. THIS NEEDS EMPHASIS AS THIS WAS ONE OF THE CORE OBJECTIVES AND IT HAS HUGE IMPLICATIONS.

c) IN JANUARY 1997, representatives of several FAA organizations which shared understanding of the objectives described in the Architecture joined to form the NAS Information Architecture Committee (NIAC).

d) NIAC’s purpose was to guide, direct and coordinate the establishment and future management of information-based processes and procedures that accomplished interoperability of systems across the NAS via data standardization and data exchange. THE IMPLICATION OF THIS IS HUGE AGAIN.

e) NIAC co-chairs (whoever they were) assembled a steering committee and obtained funding from other FAA organizations to design and conduct a conference to increase understanding of the implications of sharing NAS information. PLEASE NOTE THAT NAS INFORMATION WAS TO BE SHARED.

f) The steering committee met weekly from December 1997 to April 1998 to plan a 2-day conference for the FAA, selected government agencies, and PRIVATE contractors (WHO WERE THEY?) who were supporting NAS operational systems.

g) The committee identified six important issues surrounding interoperability and prepared a list of NAS stakeholders who were invited to participate in a discussion of those issues.

h) The conference, ACHIEVING INTEROPERABILITY WITH A NAS COMMON DATA ARCHITECTURE, was thus held on April 21 and 22, 1998. It was the first of several participatory symposia on issues of interoperability.

i) Support for the ABOVE INTEROPERABILITY conference theme was presented in letters from the FAA Administrator, Ms. Jane Garvey and the Acting Associate Administrator for Air Traffic Services, Mr. Ron Morgan. Incidentally, Ms Jane Garvey testified before the 9/11 commission!

j) The conference theme OF INTEROPERABILITY was also underscored in the conference keynote address given by Dr. Anne Harlan, the Director of the W.J. Hughes Technical Center, as well as the other presentations made by key FAA staff, ATM experts from EuroControl, and the renowned Systems Architect, Dr. Eberhardt Rechtin.

k) Almost 200 FAA managers, systems engineers, analysts and PRIVATE contractor staff then participated in six parallel Work Sessions on the key issues, and presented recommended approaches to the full session at the end of the conference.

l) The primary goals of the two-day conference were not only met, but several were exceeded.
In other words, the NAS was designed by the NIAC as noted above and it has serious AND HUGE implications for 9/11 because it is this NIAC developed NAS that failed totally on 9/11.
Right Folks, That being the case, i am totally amazed as to why the 9/11 commission DID NOT investigate, IN A FOCUSSED MANNER, the issues around NAS, its design, the role of the NIAC IN DESIGNING THE NAS and so on.

Without any doubt, the Chair, Mr Thomas Kean, the Vice Chair, Mr Lee Hamilton, Other Commissioners and the Executive Director, Mr Philip Zelikow (and Other Staff ) have to take responsibility for this very serious INVESTIGATION lapse by the 9/11 commission and themselves.

How can they explain this SERIOUS LAPSE made by them and the 9/11 commission? What can they say to to the American people and the global community on this? What implications does this SERIOUS LAPSE have for the investigation of 9/11 as a crime!

Stay tuned for more updates and information in the coming months as we further analyse the issues surrounding the NAS and NIAC with regard to the work of the 9/11 Commission.

Have a good day folks!


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