Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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 If there is one event that you ask me to name as a single transforming day in the last 100 years, I would say it was September 11th 2001. As someone who has lived and worked across the world over the last 30 years including in the United States, Afghanistan and Much of Europe, Far East Asia, East and South Africa and Caribbean apart from having worked in close to 550 districts of India’s 600 odd districts, I saw the twin towers as a symbol of eternal freedom and free spirit. To witness their horrific collapse (due to acts of terror) into their own foot print, perhaps faster than free fall, are images that refuse to go away even today. Worse is the collapse of WTC 7 and that really set me thinking!

Never in the history of mankind, have tall multi-storied steel structures SUPPOSEDLY collapsed due to fire other than three buildings (WTC North Tower, WTC South Tower and WTC 7) – interestingly, they were all located at the same place (Lower Manhattan, New York, USA), they all fell on the same day and they all had been leased (just less than 100 days before their collapse) to the very same person. Remarkable indeed and I said to myself – ‘is that a coincidence or what”. I decided to research this issue and this book is an outcome of this quiet effort for over 14 years. I hope to bring a VERY OBJECTIVE and HIGHLY RIGOROUS ANALYTICAL RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE to this transforming event, its antecedents and consequences.

We OWE this to the American People, especially the families of the 9/11 Victims as well as the General American Public and also the Global Community.

I am really excited TO SAY that I have just completed THIS book, “9/11: THE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS” and it is slated for release worldwide in May 2016 through Authors Upfront.
As I stated above, September 11th, 2001 was a day that drastically changed the world. Without any doubt, 9/11 is one of the world’s most horrific crimes where thousands of (innocent) people died and we certainly need to get to the bottom of the truth. And while what happened on 9/11 was INDEED a horrific crime, my work through these 14 years have slowly and surely convinced me that 9/11 has not been FULLY and PROPERLY investigated as a crime and that is what I have attempted to do in this book.

Using clear and objectively verifiable facts collected painstakingly over several years, the book shows why and how the official 9/11 commission report has (miserably) failed to do a fair, transparent and objective analysis of the 9/11 crime and thereby failed to fix responsibility and accountability for its actual happening. Specifically, while I analyze events, incidents, evidence, statements, people, institutions etc in an objective but critical manner, I must UNDERLINE the fact that I DON’T put forward any CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Rather I attempt to set the ground - in a clear and objective manner by solidly critiquing the work of the official 9/11 commission and its final report using strong evidence - for a new objective crime like investigation. People who read this book and peruse the evidence will surely NOT be able to defend the official 9/11 commission report, under any circumstances what-so-ever as the EVIDENCE is solidly presented in black and white and hits a reader on face right upfront!

While the book builds on previous excellent work (cited in the book) with regard 9/11 done by scholars, researchers, scientists and other stakeholders, it differs from the existing attempts to critique the work of the 9/11 commission in several major ways:

A) It analyses the crime of 9/11 from first principles and thereby draws up an exhaustive list of evidence that SHOULD have been examined, people who OUGHT to have been interviewed in terms of how the security was breached both in air and the ground (of the most protected place on the planet) with a focus on stakeholders involved, and people, companies, contractors, consultants etc associated and the key interrelationships among them. Security companies at WTC/airports, insurers of WTC buildings, owners, lessors and lessees etc along with enterprise architecture consultants who worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and set up the key systems (modelled on the Zachman framework who even supposedly cautioned the use of systems based on such frameworks at FAA) among others, have been focussed upon in a microscopic manner along with their key relationships and interrelationships. THE CAUSAL ANALYSIS HELPS ISOLATE RESPONSIBILITY AND FIX ACCOUNTABILITY, SOMETHING WHICH THE 9/11 REPORT HAS FAILED TO DO.

B) It traces antecedents as far back as the Iran Contra Affair, the October Surprise and the hearings way back in 1980s when Lee Hamilton and Dick Cheney were closely coordinating with each other. It moves through the last stage of the Nixon Presidency, sifts through 2 terms of the Reagan Presidency, Clinton Presidency, George W Bush Presidency and The Obama Presidency with the George H W Bush Presidency sandwiched between the Reagan and Clinton Presidencies.

The focus here is on pentagon policies, accounting issues and the missing trillions, key counter terrorism policy issues and their implementation especially after the WTC was bombed in 1993 and Tridata Corporation (subsidiary of System Planning International) analyzed the security breaches for the same, the major people involved in all these decisions including those supposedly responsible (for example like James Gorelick who supposedly issued a memo as Deputy Attorney General (DAG) in the Clinton Administration. Interestingly, she became a future 9/11 commissioner) for building the wall between FBI and CIA, the key inter-relationships between various people and consultants/companies/defense contractors and especially with future 9/11 commissioners and staff along with a detailed microscopic exposition of associated conflicts of interest etc and ramifications of all of the above for 9/11, as an event. Again, as before every bit of evidence including memos are presented in black and white for the reader. There are no suppositions and inference. PLAIN SIMPLE FACTS dominate the discourse and that would MAKE it hard for anyone to defend the official 9/11 report.

C) There are many many more distinguishing features but let me refrain from letting the 'cats' out of the 'bags'...; and

D) Most importantly, the book does NOT advance any conspiracy relies simply on objectively verifiable facts and provides all such evidence upfront and black and white and raises valid questions that could help a new objective probe and thereby fix accountability and ultimate responsibility.

There is a lot more which I don’t want to reveal here but I am sure you will find the book interesting given the above and also given the fact that i have used my deep networks across USA, Europe, Africa and Asia where I have lived and worked with governments and private sector in various capacities.

Thanks for your support and I will keep you updated.

Warm regards

Ramesh S Arunachalam

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